While tongue piercings may be seen by many as just a harmless accessory that is less visible, the truth is that tongue piercings can have a very serious effect on your overall health. They can be incredibly dangerous and, in some cases, even life-threatening. Our dentist, as well as the American Dental Association® (ADA), strongly advise against any type of oral piercing.

One of the first dangers associated with piercings are the many unlicensed piercing parlors. Visiting an unlicensed piercing parlor increases the risk of tetanus, tuberculosis and hepatitis. Other complications that may occur as a result of getting an oral piercing include:

If you have questions or concerns about tongue piercing or if you or your child are considering getting one, we strongly encourage you to contact our office and schedule an appointment with our dentist. We are committed to your oral and overall health as well as your smile.